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I always start off blogs, get halfway through one, and decide to do something else so I apologize for not providing original content for the past couple of months. But I wanted to give a huge thanks to the recent guest bloggers for doing their thang and giving you guys an insight into things I am not all too familiar with (check out the previous posts for the PA profession, dermatology, and how to excel in your application to med school)!

Third Year and a Reunion
A couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to accept to a scholarship at my school and came across a couple of my favorite classmates. It was so weird to be back on campus because it felt much like a 10-year high school reunion, except we've only been away for nearly a year! I think that just shows how much we have all been through and changed in the last year as we progressed through our clinical year. I had dinner with some awesome second years and they asked me and my friend Beda, "so how's third year?!"

That, for sure, is one question I really don't know how to properly answer. I think if you asked me about seven months ago I would've told you, "DUDE. So much better than 2nd year, it's so much more chill!" And it totally is. I love feeling like I’m doing real medicine and having the time to have hobbies and travel again. But as third year winds down, the all-too-familiar panicky stress has creeped its way back. All you OMSIII/M3’s feel me, right? The rest of the year pretty much consists of:

·       COMSAE: practice Step 2 board exam we must pass to sit for the real thing in July (dunzo and passed woohoo!)
·       OSCEs: an eight-hour clinical exam (next week) we must pass to sit for the COMLEX PE
·       Setting up audition rotations as well as the remaining 4th year requirements
·       COMLEX Step 2 (CE) early July
·       COMLEX PE end of July
·       Start of audition rotations the Monday after COMLEX PE x 3 rotations until end of October
·       Residency applications
·       Life (just had to add this there because sometimes I forget this exists)

To all my classmates and fellow OMSIII/M3’s, we are totally capable of getting through the next year! I’m so fortunate to have connected with so many of you thus far and it’s been therapeutic to talk about our stress. Currently, my social media feed is filled with the happiest fourth years on vacation and enjoying their lives before the start of residency. I cannot wait to be in your guys’ shoes!

I am currently finishing up my very last rotation of third year (radiology). I was lucky enough to save all my vacation for the end of the year so that I could go on my ultimate dream vacation- DISNEY WORLD! I hope to tidy up this blog as well as my Instagram in the next two weeks to allow myself to have dedicated Step 2 board studying time. I will still post periodically and respond to messages/emails so feel free to reach out to me at any time!

The Downsides of Social Media
Before I leave this post (which has gotten rather long, now that I’ve noticed), I wanted to address something that has been on my mind the past several weeks. I am very aware that putting myself out on social media can have negative consequences. Surprisingly, up until two weeks ago, I hadn’t received any negative feedback or messages. I am very very aware of what I put on social media and never want to jeopardize my friends, family, colleagues, or my school (which, explains why these subjects hardly appear on my feed).

I have chosen not to go into detail of what occurred several weeks ago because I believe the individual(s) and the situation do not deserve that spotlight in my blog. Instead, I wanted to share my experiences with cyber bullying and what I have learned.

There are always two sides to every story, especially on social media. We, as followers, never truly know what goes on behind the lens. Is this person really how they appear on social media? Are they telling the truth? Sometimes I am guilty of forming an opinion based on one point-of-view but I try to tell myself that the right thing to do is to research different sides before forming an opinion. Regardless, I am wholeheartedly against bullying in any form.

Receiving harassment and threats through comments, emails, and direct messages (to you and your family members) because of someone’s distorted opinions of you is something I hope no one has to experience. It felt weird to be addressed by so many people I didn't know, accusing me of things I didn't even know about to begin with. I love and appreciate the medical Instagram community and I think we are unique in that we must be responsible and professional through and through. After all, our ultimate goal is to save lives. But the great part of social media is allowing people to see the fun and awesome sides of our career and personality, which is why I started my Instagram in the first place.

At the end of the day, no matter what your opinion is, I think it's best to always consider what type of message you are sending to a person. You may not know what they are going through and how that message will affect them. I am so freaking lucky that I have had so many of you guys, classmates, friends, and family members reach out to me throughout this situation and I’ve come out of it feeling stronger and happier than ever. So, to all of you guys, thank you so so much!

Okay, this is getting way too long but I guess this is what I get for not posting for awhile! I have several blogs drafted to post in the next couple of months and I'm super excited to post them. Any who, hope you guys have a great and productive week! :) 


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