The Best Tools for a General Surgery Away Rotation [Merck Manual Student Stories]

Hello guys! Now that I have matched into a general surgery residency, I feel like I can discuss all of the great tools that contributed to successful away rotations in general surgery. I believe the biggest tool that you can possess is a great work ethic because many of these surgical away rotations are grueling. Residents and attendings may expect you to be an acting intern, rounding and presenting patients, studying for OR cases, performing techniques, and working the same number of hours as residents. The following tools can also add to your experience, so continue reading for some of my favorite things on my away rotations!


Hi guys! I was invited by one of my favorite Instagrammers/Bloggers, YangsWearAbouts, to write for her Match Series! This series features fourth-year medical students who successfully match into their respective specialties. Since the beginning of its conception last year, I've always dreamed about writing for this series. To decrease the repetitiveness, my journey through the residency application process is summarized in this piece! Follow the link below for my general surgery residency application process!

Click here for the ups and downs of my general surgery residency application!