Congratulations to all of the incoming 1st year medical students! The 1st years just started orientation at my school and I was reminded of my first week of orientations. I remember thinking I was going to be the most awkward person with no friends and trying my best at small talk with all of my current friends. Very glad I am past that and have settled in well but I know that there are a bunch of you guys out there still nervous and anxious about the real priority- studying.

I have to admit that the first week of classes were overwhelming because I received as many lectures in one week as I did in one semester of college. Multiply that by 3 weeks of material and you have yourself a very anxious student with lots of PowerPoints and lectures to keep track of. 

One of my best friends showed me a checklist that her mentor had given her and I thought it'd be a great idea to keep track of all the lectures in one giant checklist. I made a checklist before every unit and sent it out to my class and it was pretty helpful. Just recently saw on my school's 2020 Facebook page that my tradition of these unit checklists have lived on! Because it has been so helpful to my class, the 2019 class, and now hopefully the 2020 class, I thought I'd share with you guys all of the checklists that helped me be successful in both school and boards! 

See the bottom of this post for the link to all of the checklists!

Below is an example of our Renal and GI unit checklist with all of the lectures, dates, hours, and check boxes for our exam. See the bottom of this page for the link to a template you can use for your course!

My trusty Sketchy Medical checklists for all of the microbiology and pharm videos. 190+ videos is a lot to keep track of!

If you are studying pathology, I highly recommend purchasing the Pathoma book and video program. It made pathology a piece of cake in class and boards. I have also included a checklist for this. *Thank you to my classmate Corissa who created this. I have changed the format to be more printer friendly for you guys

Hope you guys find these checklists to be as helpful as they were to me. 

Link to the downloads: download here


  1. Thanks so much for this. Instagram follower here and first time on your blog. I'm slightly confused. How exactly is this checklist to be used? Do I just put a check-mark in the box every time I review the material?

    1. Yes, I'm sorry for the confusion. Yes you could review the material and check off the box when you have reviewed it. For me it helps knowing that I've completed a task.

  2. Thank you so much! I just started M2 year and these are so helpful already.

  3. Thank you so much for this!! I love making checklists too and this saved me so much time which as you know in M2 year is incredibly valuable. You're the best! -Noor

  4. Wow, this is exactly what I needed. Now I don't need to buy cramfighter. You rock

  5. Do you have a checklist for the rest of the Pathoma chapters?

  6. I am curious which software you use to create your check lists?

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