The Residency Rank List: How Will I Choose the Right Place? [Merck Manual Student Stories]

About seven months ago, I remember looking at “January 2018” as being the month I could finally rest easy because all of my audition rotations and interviews would be done. It boggles my mind that that month is less than a month away. And while all of my auditions and interviews will be done, I forgot about one of the most important things that happens in January–submitting your rank list.


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Away Rotations: How to Save Money on the Road [Merck Manual Student Stories]

I can’t describe how happy I am to be home in Minnesota, which means one thing–I’M DONE WITH AUDITION ROTATIONS! If you’ve been following my journey the past four months (on here or Instagram), you may have noticed that I have been quite the busy bee. Since the end of July, I’ve moved out of my apartment, been to Philly, rotated in Ohio, West Virginia, Ohio, Michigan, and back to Ohio. It’s been a crazy four months, but I have learned so much about independence, being at different hospitals, and living on a budget! I thought it would be good to continue my series of fourth-year advice by imparting some tips on how to save money during this very expensive time.


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